The author of this blog is Peter Schiratzki. For more information, consult the social media links below.

Why this blog?

Like many others, I’ve been frustrated with the state of the world. And like others too, been having the desire to contribute something positive – but found it hard to become active. I’m no longer satisfied with sitting still and being a passive observant. This blog and my current endeavors in altering my life style are my first baby steps in that direction. I am aware that is very little and that many others do a much better job. However, I’m convinced that every little step counts and that if we all, starting with being aware, make our contributions, we’ll be fine. Therefore I hope and believe that my journey – past, present and future – could give interesting insights into alternative approaches, could be base for interesting discussions and ideally inspire one or two others to change something in their way. I would like to show my path from corporate job, to more flexible work styles, to where I currently am, exploring Permaculture and other changes in life, to where it will eventually take me.


All of the opinions and thoughts mentioned on this blog are my own (external references excluded). Where I have specific information or inspiration, I’m trying to link to the source. I’m aware that some of the statements made might be controversial, that my style is very subjective and often not based on a lot of research but highly opinionated and impulsive. The statements made represent my current feelings and opinions, of which I am convinced enough to consider them worthwhile sharing – but they might alter over time, as we’re are learning and changing constantly. If I offend anyone with my texts, I am sorry. If you find what I write silly or boring, feel free to stop reading. Furthermore, since English is not my first language, I’m prone to making loads if mistakes and expressing myself poorly – my apologies! In any case, please comment and start a dialogue. We might both learn something from it.

Criticize me

I’m curious about your feedback, your inputs, your questions, your requests for clarification. Feel free to contact me on any of the channels below or by e-mail to peter@newworldtheory.com.

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