Stagnating. Straying. Pivoting. Progressing. Balancing. Reassessing.

I just went cycling and spring punched me in the face with all its mighty force. I was reminded that winter, not without appeal of its own is – considering it all and compared to this – a real piece-of-shit season. The sunlight burning my white skin reminded me of why suddenly all the leaves and buds dare to peak out from their lifeless hiding spots. The burning sensation in my eyes reminded me of the pollen flying and the insects smashing into my face that it’s their time to get a meal and spread the love. And the smell of garlic, reaching up from all the patches of Bärlauch on the side of the road, reminded me that there is food growing for us too – everywhere. Even the birds chirping seem to say: “Hey, we’ve been through this shit together but this is so much better, right?”

And most of all I was reminded of why I was so attracted by nature and why I made all these resolutions last year, to make it the center part of my life. Seriously, winter is not for me anymore.

The other day, Andy asked me about my blog and why there have been no updates. I said, there is no progress. And he responded: “Why don’t you write about that?” So let’s try.

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