Back to life, back to reality – The first two months in review

Before returning to Switzerland, I had prepared a little list of goals for myself. I was fully aware that “reality” would be different and that a full-blown tusnami wave was going to hit me and threaten to flush all my newly made resolutions away. I thought I could braise myself and be prepared. However, things turned out to be a little more challenging than I had expected. Now, after roughly two months of being back “in reality” (after 6 months of traveling and living on a farm), it’s time for an interim assessment.

Since one of my goals for this blog is to illustrate my journey and the struggles I face on my way to a lifestyle, which is more in line with my convictions, this is a rather personal post. Some of the descriptions might seem trivial and some of my “problems” might seem petty in a larger scheme. Still, it seem relevant to me to describe my current state and how I intend to deal with circumstances. Any resemblance to other actual persons, is purely intentional and I hope some readers might recognize themselves in the text. Continue reading “Back to life, back to reality – The first two months in review”